Sunday, September 19, 2010

Precious Child

I received this song from a sister of one of our good friends. She too lost a baby, although hers had medical issues before he was even born. It's a beautiful song by Karen Taylor-Good. It brought me peace and comfort, I miss my baby daily. The pain is still fresh and hurts deep with-in. I know that he is with Jesus Christ, he is learning and teaching and full filling his mission he was set out to do. He is whole, he is healthy, he is perfect. He is my angel, our butterfly-we had to set him free but through and because of the gospel of Jesus Christ if we live worthily we too will fly away when our work here on this earth is done to be with Christ and our angel baby.

I can't wait for that day! How joyous it will be when I can once again hold my first born, when our eternal family can once again be all together. When I can kneel at my brothers feet and thank him face to face for the love and sacrifice he gave for me. Mike and I both look forward with great hope for this day to come, as I'm sure Carter and our Saviour do as well!

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