Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 5 & 6

Thursday the 8th we hung out with the Shepard family! They have 4 kids...all crazy young boys!! They kept us going and on our toes! We went to this fun place called the Bonne Terre Mine, it's a fun little touristy place in Bonne Terre MO. You go into this building, that leads down into the mine, and slowly you get deeper and deeper down. Back in it's day it used to be for actual mining, but then it started to fill up with under ground water and now they just take people on tours. You have the option to go on a boat and go farther, but because of our budget we skipped that part and just did the walking part. They also have had a wake boarding competition down there and you are able to scuba dive the mine,
that is if you are already licensed in scuba diving.
It was pretty neat to go through, and fun to see some history of the little town.

After the mines we went back to the Shepards place for some swimming and a bbq! the food was delish, like lick your fingers good!! and the swimming was very enjoyable, and my skin was loving it...although I'm sure no one enjoyed seeing this tub-a-lard in the water!
The boys, including Mike and John (the Shepard dad) all joined in a friendly and fun competition of "who can do the coolest trick jumping in the pool". and "who can make the biggest splash". and " what toys can you jump into the pool with, or what toys in the pool can you jump into". They had a blast and it kept them going for quite some time!!!!

Friday the 9th, we said goodbye to the Shepards, packed up the car again and headed back to Andy and Melissa's house, Where the boys went golfing and the girls and Noah got to hang out, rest, and Melissa made a wonderful dinner, which we in hailed!! Then it was off to Eclipse for Melissa and I, while it was the men's turn to babysit Mr. Cutie Pie Noah! The movie was super good, although the crazy little theater in Waynesville was packed and actually kinda insane! We enjoyed our girl flick and only hooted and hollered once. maybe twice. haha just kidding. We then headed back to the house, where Noah was fast asleep and the boys where watching a 'guy movie'. Then off to bed we went!!

We had a great time with the Shepard family and appreciate them for letting us stay with them and for letting us eat their food. They are a great family,
and Mike really really likes them all a lot!

We also have to give a big shout out to the Stockhoff's for putting up with us for so many days and for letting us come and go, eating them out of house and home, staying in their house/giving us an actual bed to sleep in, and for letting us mess up their house and devour their child with love and play time!!! We sure do miss you three!!!!

This is the End of days 5 and 6


Greg and Brittany said...

What a fun trip! You are such a cute preggo lady :) Glad the pregnancy is going well!

Darci said...

So fun! I would loved to go and visit Jeff's mission, but Paraguay is a little bit more difficult to make it to. You are so lucky you can do that with Mike. That is such an awesome experience!