Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 3 & 4

On Tuesday the 6th we hung out with the Stockhoff family and played with Noah all day! Melissa took us on a tour of Fort Leonard Wood or aka Fort Lost in the Woods, it was fun to see where Andy is all day and to get a very slight glimpse of what Military life is like-my view: Big Pros and Big Cons! hahah it's a great thing, but defiantly not for everyone!

after we had lunch with Andy we headed back to the house; took naps, drank smoothies, played with Noah, and had a little R&R! It was wonderful! Almost anyone who really knows me will tell you that I am not a nap taker, but since being pregnant I love them, I fall asleep at the drop of a hat and on this trip most days took about 2 naps thanks to the car rides! Oh how I wish I could take a nap every day now!!!!

On Wednesday the 7th Mike and I headed out for a round of mission visits. Mike got to see most of the people that he was really hoping to see, and I was able to hear their side of some stories from his mission, or rather their take on his mission. I found that he was surrounded by great people in several areas and have realize how thankful I am to these people for keeping his going and letting him be him, not just another missionary! And also for keeping him safe and welcoming him into their homes, not only to teach but just to befriend.
He really has formed close bonds with several family's/people and I'm guessing won't lose contact anytime soon!

On Wednesday we visited with the Russo family, they are a hoot! Stella-the mom is from Brazil and is a spicy wonderful lady!!! Randy-the dad is a convert who played for the BYU soccer team before even thinking about becoming a member, graduated and then began playing for a Brazilian soccer team where he meet Stella. They are opposites but fit each other and complement each other so well. They have 4 kids-there youngest Gabby who is 6 was totally adorable with a big personality! We met her and then left and later came back, and when she opened the door to let us in she immediately told me to hold on, that she had a gift for me and she ran up stairs and came back down with a tissue paper wrapped gift and a hand made card, that held a baby pj set. Her mom told me that she had bought Gabby some baby clothing that fit her stuffed bear, and that after we had left she told Stella that she didn't need the clothes and wanted to give one to me! How sweet is that???!!!

We also met the Johnson family, who are a crack up. Greg-the dad is a dentist in MO, and as reputation says is quite the steak grillin' person and smoker king! Tera-the mom is so sweet with a fun and out going personality! She also makes thee most DELISH chocolate chip cookies...I'm not sure how she makes them that good but I can say that I had about 3.5 the night we met them and then she sent us home with a freezer bag full of them. She even made a fresh batch for Mike when she knew we were on our way over!! Thank You Tera!!!

We also got the opportunity to visit the Missouri temple, and although we did not have time to do a session, just walking around the gardens and seeing the beauty that the temple has was wonderful! One thing about back East is you really realize how big of a bubble we are in living in Utah and Idaho or even on the West coast at all. People in MO have to drive almost all the way to St. Louis to one even go to the temple and two to buy any church material or garments. I was told that the only Desseret Book was on temple grounds, and it was tiny!
I really take that for granite! It really was a great day and I am so glad we got the chance to come out and vitsit!!

The End of day 3 & 4

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