Saturday, February 6, 2010

list, goals, achieve.

I love making lists, there is just something about writing things down that I like. I also tend to forget some things, so if it's not on the list usually it's not getting bought or done.
I also like making goals and seeing if I can achieve them.
so when I saw my friends DARCI do this list, that had both a list and goals I though I just had to do it....she made a list called: "22 before 22". 22 things she wanted to do before she became 22 years old. so last year when I turned 21, I did this list also.
Here are MY of 22 before 22.

1-make a quilt.....CHECK
2-finish my cookbook
3-make at least 10 frozen dinners...partial check
4-get better at digital scrap booking....CHECK{not that I'm amazing by any means though}
5-learn how to cook, and cook at least 3 times a week
6-get better at making and sending out cards
7-plan a vacation/camp lots!.....{in the works check}
8-save $100.00 a month......we have done this one probably 3/7 months
9-pay at least 1/2 of our credit card off....once we get our taxes back then CHECK
10-visit all of the Utah Valley temples
11-go to the temple 2-3 times a month
12-learn Spanish well enough for my job...getting better
13-learn to sew with no ones help
14-have a craft night once a month...CHECK! see HERE for an invite
15-become more selfless and giving
16-have an optimistic attitude about everything/see the good in everything!
17-organize, organize, organize.....partially CHECK. half our house is done.
18-lose at least 10 pounds{I think I've gained 3 since I started this lose 13 pounds now}
19-read all of the twilight's....CHECK! amazing.
20-add to our Disney collection once a month
21-enjoy my life and create memorise
22-start a family. even if it's just with a dog.

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Idaho Reids said...

Hey good goals i have some similar :) hey i can help you with your disney collection once a month for cheaper :) have you heard of the disney movie club? i'm in it! i can get all the classics and new ones for ten or less sometimes! :)