Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elder Jex

Guess who's been gone SIX MONTHS+????

yup, if you guessed Elder hit it on the head!

Elder Jex stats:
-2 transfers, stayed in the same place
-2 comps; one native, one American
-multiple re-activations
-not really sure on the baptisms, there have been many set dates...
-very fluent in Spanish {funny story; on our Christmas day call, he kept talking from English to Spanish and he totally never noticed.}
-has lost 5 or so pounds, but thinks he is starting to get fat
-LOVES the people of Chile
-has been asked several times to marry people's daughters
-get spit on, hit, butt pinched/hit, rocks thrown at....and just laughs
-watches women breast feed multiple children, and multiple ages in public openly
-watches people pee and poo in the street....
-has the biggest testimony that he knows this Church is true and that he is where is needs to be!

We LOVE You Elder Jex! and think your a pretty neat guy!
Good luck and stay strong!

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