Sunday, December 27, 2009

We Love Santa!


This year Mike and I were truely blessed on Christmas. We recieved from each other and others many great iteams and our wish lists where taken care off!

He recieved:
*xbox games
*work out iteams
*an xbox{which was really an 'us' gift but mainly for him, from me
...and a total surprise to him}

She recieved:
*a down pillow{lovely!}
* a TON of sewing supplies!!!
*craft money!{even better!!!}
*craft hard-drive...i was OVER LOADING our computer with ideas heehee

the temple picture i've been eyeing, that my family gave me:

We are so grateful for everything we recieved this year! and Thank everyone!

hope your Christmas was are wonderful as ours!

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Greg and Brittany said...

What a great Christmas!! Looks like it was a Merry one :) And awesome job on the quilt!! It is beautiful and you should be proud of all your hard work!!