Friday, September 4, 2009


On Sep 2, Mike turned 22!! and in his words on that day,
"i don't feel any different but i do, i feel old. i'm in my 22nd year, that's way different from your 21st year!"
haha he makes me giggle.
so in honor of his birthday, and thanks to all our wonderful family we had a family dinner, followed by an amazing dessert party with friends.
and yes melissa because your an amazing photographer, and a head of the game i stole all your pics.

some of our wonderful friends at the dessert party/saying goodbye to Stacie and Rob who are moving to Washington DC for the next 3 months for Robs internship.
hope your b-day was great babe. love you!

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Greg and Brittany said...

22 is not OLD!! I can't even remember what 22 felt like :) Happy Mike! And that little one of Melissa's is ADORABLE!!