Monday, August 31, 2009

Mosaic Magic

My Name:Megan. I like my name. I like the way it is spelled. I was suppose to be names Ashley Nichole, but i have a cousin how is 9months older than me who is names Ashley Nichole Jex and there could be two of Megan it is!
My Favorite Food: That picture looks disgusting and doesn't do it justice. i LOVE Mongolian food...oh man it's super good!
My High school: IFHS baby! Go Tigers. "Dear Old IF High we are with you! You're the one we are all fighting for..."That picture is super ghetto. But let's be honest. My high school was as old as frickin' dirt. I loved it was a good high school to be at....GO 2006!
My favorite color(s): all LOVE colors, all colors, bright colors....but i really love pink and red always have been and always will be. I don't like one more than the other. They are exactly equal in my mind. I like them.
The place that I am at now: Well in life, HAPPY IN LOVE! haha i choose this picture because it was funny and this is how i feel...happy go lucky, nothing is bad, life is great. im in love.
My favorite drink: strawberry lemonade....ahhh it hits the spot!
My Dream Vacation: i went with England, it just captures me....the culture, people, food, ect.
My favorite treat: fruit and veggies....i devourer them!
What I want to be when I grow up: A mom. But I also want to be a hair i went with's been a dream of mine for oh i would bet on 10 years now...don't ask me where dental assistant came into the picture but i love that as well.
What's most important to me: Family. I have come to the realization lately that my family is everything to me. friends will move, lives will change but our families are with us forever...i love my family and mikes family super much, they both have amazing strengths and talents i want!
A word to describe me: content. childlike. happy. a great friend. loyal. ok not to pat myself on the back to much but i consider myself to be each of these things....maybe you don't think so? i do.
A nickname of mine: well i couldn't find a picture of megalish, meggie, ect. so i went with an old school one when i was first born my dad used to call me princess, don't ask me when that stopped though, sheesh everyone else got nicknames and they stuck! man!
Make one of your own. Its easy. Here is how:
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: In another window open
Step 3: Choose 4 columns, 3 rows
Step 4: Answer the questions in the search bar of flickr and pick your favorite picture on the page and paste the address into the mosaic maker. Create the mosaic and then save it to your computer and post it as a picture.
PS: i stole this off of your blog darci, thanks it was fun!

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