Friday, June 26, 2009

what's that smell?

so i know that it has been a while, it's not that we have just been lazy or that nothing has gone's more the opposite. we have been so busy this June and have been gone EVERY weekend! i have lots to tell and pictures to share but right now i need to share this story with you.

so as you are aware we still are living in the basement at gma and gpa jorgys house...well about two nights ago or so mike and i came home late at night and went into the back bedroom that we are not sleeping in it just is holding all of our stuff and there was a weird smell, we didn't think to much about it because gma had made gpa some weird smelling dinner that night so we just thought it was from that. well the next day we got up went to work and school and came home to the same smell only worse! we got a little worried that something was rotting in our room but it was late and we were tired so we went to bed, on Thursday we got up did our normal day and when we came home the smell was sooo bad....we had no choice at this point but to start the search for the dead animal we where afraid to find. well i started smelling in the closet-nothing, my side of the then mike starts pulling everything out from under the he starts searching on 'his' side of the room, it was like we where playing that HOT and COLD game, well we where HOT and getting HOTTER!

so all of a sudden mike is like holly crap-oly!!!! and i was freaking out because he scared the poop out of me, when he goes " NO way! there is a dead the window!!!!" all of that smell had come from the window, so we really aren't sure when it died with all the rain and colder weather that we have had the past few weeks. SICK!!! well the only way to get the mouse out was to open our window and get it because the window has a cover over it so that animals don't fall into the well. so i wanted nothing to do with removing the animal but it had to go! so i run into the bathroom and mike puts his gloves on, opens the window, screams at how bad the smells is, grabs the mouse and puts it into a bag and RUNS up stairs and outside. needless to say our basement smelled super bad last night but it's getting better....and i'm so glad that the peeping-tom mouse is gone! maybe my body scared him dead??? haha or mikes bare butt that is pointed at the window every time he gets dressed? hahaha guess we won't know until we get to heaven.

all i can say is:thank goodness he is gone! and thanks to my hubby for removing him!


Darci said...

Ew. That is so sick. I am sorry. I hate mice more than anything...well next to snakes.

Duncan Family said...

OH my gosh! That is SUPER nasty, but an enjoyable read...had me on my toes. :)

Tricia said...

That's funny...and gross! We have found a few dead mice in our window well, but they have never gotten to the stinky point :)!