Monday, June 29, 2009

the stone colored yellow!

we went to Yellowstone the first part of June as a family for a 'last get a-way' for Jordan before he leaves on the mish...we had a GREAT time!
we went to the Play Mill and watched FOOTLOOSE, it was super fun and very well done.
then we went to the bear and wolf exhibit thing that mike and i went to on our honeymoon, and it was still fun and a tad warmer. and we shopped lots and ate lots of good food, and then mike and i went into Yellowstone park for the day and it was great!!!!
and here are an overload of pics to show for it...

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Tricia said...

So fun! I love Yellowstone. I think we are going up this coming week for a day trip. I love the pictures of your cute little family :)!