Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Dress!

I found my dress! FINALLY! haha we have been looking all over for the last few weeks, we found one last weekend and i feel in LOVE with it but the price tag was really high. as in $1,200.00 before alterations, in which we would of had to add sleeves and change a few things so that it would be garment appropriate. needless to say we said "No Thanks" and continued on with the looking. so fast forward a week to yesterday, we had an appointment at Margene's Bridal[where i got a family discount because mikes cousin's wife works there, well she's Margenes daughter.....] and we tried on 10+ dresses.......but the second dress i tried on i feel in love, needless to say i now have my dress!!! everyone keeps telling me that once you have the dress everything else just falls into bring it on!
i do have a picture of my dress buuut i'm not going to post it due to the fact that i don't want mike to see it! haha go figure right?
anyways so that is that....i now have a dress!!!

i hope that everyone is having a great conference weekend!


Darci said...

Oh exciting! I can't wait to see a picture of it. I loved my dress. You really just know it is the one as soon as you try it on. I loved that feeling!

Lesa said...

And yes your dress is beautiful. How exciting. O' and your ring can we just say WOW. Your mom wasnt kidding when she said it was WOW!! :)

Brittany said...

So glad you found the dress! I need to see the ring too!!