Sunday, August 17, 2008

oh lacey your married!

Yaya Lacey!!! This weekend was my favorite cousin Lacey's wedding! it's so weird for me to think that she is married! I was a bridesmaid for lac and it was a BLAST! Lacey and I have grown up together since we where little! so it's just so weird to think that she is gone, married, a wife! haha now i know that when you get married it doesn't mean that you are "gone" but in a sence you are. no more hanging out at family parties and what-not. i'm going to miss that girl soo much! but all of that a side i wish her the best! i know that her and travy will have loads of fun together and that he will make her happy and give her what she needs and treat her how she should be!!! I love you lacey!

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