Saturday, May 10, 2008


ok so first off i went back to the hospital last friday [5-9-08], as in yesterday. and they ran another test on me where i had to eat this sickness breakfast off medicaided scrambled eggs, 2 peices of toast, and a glass of 7-up. regardless to say it all was super sickining! but i had to eat it all and then every 15 minutes i had to go stand in this xray machine for a minute so they could take an xray of my stomach to see where the food was[the test was to see how fast i digested food]. i did that for 2 hours and then i was able to go home, and then i go back on the 22nd to find out all of my test results, so hopefully they find something or else it's back to the hospital for an colin scope...and i DON'T want to have to do that...sick!!! haha but yeah so that's my life as of now, but i also wanted to mention real quick that mike has 17[as one ONE SEVEN] WEEKS LEFT!!!!!! YIIIIPY!! i'm sooooo excited about that!! and then tomorrow is mothers day, and i get to chat with him then also...yayaya! anyways i'll keep checkin in. chow.

this is me day 2 board in the hospital.

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