Friday, March 6, 2015

3rd trimester

Third trimester is here, and we are quickly(yet slooowly) crossing off weeks till baby boy gets here. Currently I am 30 weeks and 5 days. This pregnancy has been so different from the other two pregnancies. From the start it was different, and it's kept it up. I've been so much sick-er with this little boy, so much so that I would have placed big money on the fact that HE was a SHE. I've had insane amounts of reflex. Now I normally get heartburn, like most preggo ladies, but this reflex is an entirely different story! Chewable Tums have been my best friend. I've craved more things this time then ever before, though nothing weird. I've been sleeping like crap since the beginning, and my swelling decides to just come and go throughout the day. Making it very difficult in the shoe department! Also, this little guy doesn't like to kick, rather more just roll around in there, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. 

Now while there have been such differences, for me. I've also enjoyed things a little differently with him too. This baby could be our last biological child, depending on if T's genetic issues have continued with this little boy or not. Time will only tell on that. Therefore, as much as I so would love to have him here already(not moms know what I mean), I've enjoyed the pains, and kicks, and HUGENESS, and the swelling, and the cravings, and the weight gain(ugh!), etc. etc. etc. much more. This baby is an answer to many months of thoughtful prayer, and the proven miracle of God's timing in all things. I hope that I haven't taken that for granted. 

I'm so excited for T to be a big brother, and for our family to grow. Nothing could make me happier than the knowledge of God's plan for The family, and for MY family. He is truly in all things, and families are a big part of His plan! I'm excited to have 3 boys, and to know our angle is watching over us day and night. So here is to being happy these last few months, because, I've got this!


Brittany said...

My comment might post twice but so excited for you!!

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