Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Late spring early summer IG's.
The decor for the bridal shower I through for Whitney.

Morgan, going to Prom spring 2014

May was my last day of working at Elison Dental Center. I will miss my co-workers and the patients that I associated with.

Getting our garden ready.

Saying goodbye to our Jorgensen cousin's before the moved to ND. June 2014.

Special needs night at the zoo. 

First day of water therapy.

Mike got to fill in for a co-ed softball game. It was a blast to watch him back in his element.

Love big puffy clouds!

Girls night out, with Stacie Couch and Amy Walker.

Finally getting our yard into shape! Thanks to mom and dad, we now have bark in our front flower bed.

Some-days are just hard.

Park play date with high school friends, and our kids!
(Emily Duncan; Phoebe and Elliana and Stacie Couch: Loragn and Harper.)

Summer nights! looove.

My gift from a craft swap I was apart of.

love my morning snuggle buddy.

He loves Water Therapy!

And his swing.

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