Friday, January 31, 2014

My current favorite spots.

I love decorating. I love adding and moving and finding colorful things to bring into my home. I love bringing brightness, heritage, and character into our home. With that being said, things change pretty fast around here. Right now these are some of my favorite spots in our home.

entry way table

corner in my kitchen.

above my cabinets in the kitchen.

the still-in-process menu board.

above the fridge, the cupcake/muffin holders.

Our family initial and a teapot from my grandma Jex.

snack station central.

living room picture ledges.

My Grandma Jex's house plant.

part of the T.V. stand

my craft room hoops.

part of my craft room

another craft room wall.

and more of that wall.

Master bedroom wall.

in the bathroom.

1 comment:

Amanda Allen said...

You have great taste and are very talented at decorating a home!!