Saturday, January 11, 2014

More of a 'See ya later' type weekend

The last Sunday in December, we ventured to Utah for Aunt Janet and Uncle Kent's mission farewell.
It was a fantastic weekend, full of family-family that I haven't seen for YEARS!! I loved every minute of it. The farewell it's self was amazing, Aunt Janet's' talk was truly inspirational. She spoke of having faith, faith during good and bad times, faith during trials and faith during celebration. She spoke about Mike and I, and although I would NEVER classify ourselves as these people with amazing personal faith, it was so nice and wonderful of her to think of us that way.

Saying goodbye was the hardest part. Janet and Kent have been like grandparents to me, and I will miss them so so so much. I know that they will be amazing missionaries to the people of Fiji, and will do great things for the next 18 months!

Love you both so much, and instead of goodbye, I will just say a " see ya later"!

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