Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mommy's day off

During the middle of November I was able to get away with one of my best friends, Amy.
We had a little "mommy's day off" if you will. It was something neither of us had ever done since having our babies 2+ years ago, and it was something both of us needed!

We skipped the state line and headed to Utah for a fun day of shopping. We hit up the City Creek mall in SLC, then did lunch and headed to Riverton for more shopping at their little outlet shopping center. We stopped for a snack at this cute little shop, where I ate thee most amazing peanut butter bar! YUM! We then headed to Layton to stop at Hobby Lobby(one of my favs), and also ate dinner at The Brick Oven. Then on to home we went.

 We shopped and shopped till our hearts were content, ok more like till our feet hurt, same thing right?
It was wonderful and so needed. We both left filling uplifted and renewed!
I'm thankful for a husband who was kind enough to take his day off work to tend T so that I could go and get away for the day! Love you babe!I'm also thankful for a bestie who knows and understands when a momma needs a break....or just to eat and chat! Thanks Amy!!!

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