Friday, December 27, 2013

A Weekend of Christmas Parties

The weekend before Christmas we has three family parties to attend.
The first was actually a brother/sister dinner that my moms siblings do every year. But since T, Morgan, and myself were ridding to UT with my parents for the weekend, we got to attend.

We went to a restaurant in Ogden canyon called the Timber-mine. It was a neat atmosphere, decorated in a mine theme. Since it was the holiday season, they were also decorated in Christmas attire, including a life-size Santa. T wasn't so sure about Santa.....and kept eying him.

The following day we attended the Jex family party. It's always fun to see to family that you don't see very often. My mom was in charge this year and we did an ugly sweater theme, which was so funny to see what sweaters people found to wear. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, and this was the only picture I captured with my phone....T was so tired and fell asleep in my arms, which is normally fine but not when I had to stand the entire time he slept. 24 pounds gets heavy quickly!

The third party was my parents annual family party. Each holiday they plan a dinner and then we play games...with prizes! Its always a lot of fun, and we laugh our heads off. This year we ate stir fry, and then played Pit-both big family favorites! I came in 3rd and Mike came in 4th place.

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