Friday, December 13, 2013

10 days of Thanksgiving

On a Monday night, ten days before Thanksgiving, I came home to find a turkey sitting on our front porch. It has a little note attached to it stating that for the next 10 days we would be receiving a package each night. And so the 10 day for Thanksgiving began!

Night One.

Night two.

Night three.

Night four.

Night five.

Night six.

Night seven.

Night eight.

Night nine.

Night ten.

It was this amazing experience for Mike and I to be apart of. To know that there are still people out there that want to help others and do good in this world, was refreshing and uplifting to our souls.
We are so grateful to the kind people who blessed our family with more than they ever could have thought they would! We are thankful to a Father in Heaven for prompting someone who was willing, and able to help a family during this time of year.

We thought we were done the day before Thanksgiving, because that was the 10th day. However, when we arrived home Thanksgiving night this envelope was in our door.
Inside was a beautiful note thanking US for being THEIR friends, as well as $100 in gift cards and cash.

 Mike and I sat on the couch that night, silent and humbled. We were so undeserving of such a gift, yet so thankful for such a gift. That night as I said my personal prayers, I cried and thanked the Lord more than I had in a long time. For a silent prayer said many weeks before had been answered. These people will never know the impact they had on our family, and my personal spirit. A renewed faith was given to me during those 10 days, for such a simple yet profound gift. If you are reading this, and you are THAT person...Thank you thank you thank you, more than words will EVER be able to say!!!!

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