Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jex Family Vacation:Day 3

Day 3 meant DISNEY LAND!!!

Disney Land truly is magical.  It makes you feel like such a kid again!!
We had a fantastic day, and Trenton even was awake and happy most of the day!

Trenton loves Mickey Mouse, so we were really excited when we walked through the gates and he was standing he was waiting for us! We were a little nervous about his reaction, but were also so excited to show him Mickey!!

Needless to say he wasn't thrilled to see Mickey....although, he wanted to watch him, just not be close or be touched by him, or any of the characters for that matter.

My parents had shirts made for us to all wear the first day in DL. This is the back of them.

Going on Buzz light year ride.

Lunch time for Trenton.

The music parade.


On the Safari ride.

Riding the train around Disney Land.

I really love Disney, and I'm so glad that we were able to go and to have Trenton in good enough health to come with us!

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