Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Instagrams of late.

My posts have become more pictures, and less words. But it's only because we really don't do much, but thanks to my phone and instagram I take LOTS of pictures!

good morning mom.
grandpa had the touch

eating meatloaf, he loved it.

when his hair got to long, a bobby pin had to do for a minute.

just photo texting with dad.
we had a house guest for a week, which made us want a dog even more.

they both needed to be sitting on me at all times.
on a walk with mom

first haircut.

we have the COOLEST aunt there is! Aunt Meliss made T some ties
easter best, drool included.

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Lacey Johnson said...

Tried to pick a favorite in these photos but I love them all:)
Wow, I can' believe he is going to be 1 so soon!! Take lots of pictures so we can feel like we got to be there!