Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jex Family Christmas Party

The annual Jex family Christmas party this year was on December 22nd.
It was held at Uncle Kent & Aunt Terri's new home that they just build up in Heber Utah.
Trenton and I drove down with my family Saturday morning. Mike had to work...of course, grrr retail in the month of December. 

Grandma and Trenton;12/22/12
The party was a blast!!! I was able to see so many cousins that I have not seen for year! One of my cousins I had not seen since we lived in Nebraska! We moved away from NE when I was in 4th grade! That was like 15ish years ago! WOW!

Kent & Teri Jex Family; 12/22/12
Blake & Judy Warburton Family; 12/22/12
We enjoyed a delicious buffet of soups, breads, side dishes, and desserts. We played games, talked, played games, chatted some more, and really just had a great time. 

Jason & Annette Benson Family; 12/22/12
Brian & Ellen Jex Family; 12/22/12
I was able to see so many of my cousins children that I have never met, or have only see just a few times. I love seeing family members! I especially love seeing my grandma Jex!!! This was the second time in December that Trenton and I were able to see grandma, and it was fantastic!

Grandma Jex; 12/22/12
Doug & SueAnn Jex Family; 12/22/12
 It was a great day, and I really enjoyed everything, but by the end Trenton was done.
Morgan & Trenton; 12/22/12
 I love family parties and I can not wait until our next get-together!!!