Saturday, December 8, 2012


We are playing catch up around here these days. We are always so busy, but never with things to actually journal about. Mainly work and the normal day to day things involving taking care of a house and a one cares to hear about Trenton's poopy diapers. haha

Life is getting crazy hectic now that it is December,
but let's back it up and rewind to November and Thanksgiving.

For Thanksgiving this year we ate dinner with the Jorgensen's and had dessert with the Jex's.
We enjoyed a lovely meal with family, ok wait that was just Mike who did that. I was hiding in the tv room through dinner with my sleeping child.

Let me explain, Trenton has started into the 'Stranger Danger' or 'Clingy to Mom' stage. He has started to get this lip pout if another person is holding him, and will start to cry if he see's me. At Thanksgiving dinner things hit an all time high, he would not even allow Mike to hold him with out the lip pouting and the tears flowing. He then got to a point where even if I was holding him, if someone even looked like they were going to take him he would bawl.

To make matters worse, he was refusing to take a much needed nap.
So cranky baby+clingy baby+paranoid baby=mom hiding out. I finally managed to console him to sleep, just in time for dinner to start. It all worked out though, Mike brought me a roll and a glass of fresca to tide me over. When T woke up we joined what was left of the gathering and I enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner!

We then made our way over to my parents to enjoy some wasle and pie!
Later, a total mess was made by looking through the black friday ads, with Mike circling his wish list till his heart was content. Every one's list's were made and a plan started to form, normally B.F(black Friday) is a big deal for me, it's tradition.

I remember being a tween and longing for the day when I would be able to join my mom in all the craziness....When that day finally came I was so pumped to get to go out with my mom and her friend Tammy Rupe. It was pure madness, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Mom and I have continued this tradition, adding breakfast and more and more family members each year.

Now it is a family affair, excluding my dad. He hates it!
This year however, due to having T, I opted out of the festivities as well.
Mike got up at 6 and went to see if the items he wanted were still available. It was weird for me to wake up that morning and know that tradition was broken. Next year.....

I have so much to be thankful for in my life, and while I am not thankful for B.F. itself, I am thankful for the traditions I get to be apart of with both of my families. Mike and I love traditions, and when we got married it was difficult for us to compromise and each have to give up a few here and there. We have since started to add little traditions of our own. I am also thankful for family. Even though I sometimes complain about the craziness of living in the same town as both of our families, I am extremely grateful to have so many family members around us. And that Trenton is able to know his grandparents, as well as some of his aunts and uncles.

I hope you all enjoyed such a great day like we did!

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