Friday, November 2, 2012

6 Months

crib evaluation
 6 months! WOW! That is half a year old, as in we are heading up hill fast to hitting the year mark! 
This month has taken us for a spin....lots has changed, good and bad.

I have been waiting until we saw the dr. to get all of Trenton's stats. He is in the 14% for his weight, the 46% for his height, and 41% for his head. So he is long and skinny. He had all of his 6 months shots, including the flu shot...which he rocked! He was such a champ after the shots, I was so proud of him!

Lately Mike and I, along with some family members have noticed that T has and has not been doing some things that "normally" they should. He also has been extremely wiggly, and never can hold still, even in his sleep. There have been a few other things we have noticed: not wanting to sit up, roll over, hold his head up, have anything touch his tongue, always taps his foot, and keeps a closed fist 90% of the time. We have started to grow slightly concerned, so when it came time for T's 6 month check up we expressed our concerns to our amazing pediatrician.

During his exam it was decided that T is very healthy, however there are some things that the Dr. also was concerned about. We talked about how each child grows at there own rate, however he explained that some of the things that T is not doing is a concern. He explained that he should have been doing some of these things by 4 months. So it was determined that Trenton would need to see a Infant developmental specialist, he will also need a swallow study and an MRI done to evaluate if there is something possibly wrong, or if he just is a slower grower.

We talked a lot about the outcome of these test, one of the diagnoses is CP, or cerebral palsy. Dr. A was quick the explain that he was not saying that this is what T has, but just that it is a possibility.
Obviously if that is the case we are looking at a very light case of it. We have the develop eval and the swallow study this next Friday, and the MRI the 14th. We feel confident and know that what ever the results may be we will be blessed and the Lord will see us through.

We know that our baby is going to be fine. Other than the things just talked about, everything is A-OK! We love this little boy with all of our might, and know that things will work out for the best!

until next time.....


Stacie Couch said...

Oh Meg, I am sorry you guys are going through that. Even if everything is fine, it still stinks to be worried and not know. Please let me know how things go! I will be thinking of you!

Kelsey said...

He's such a cutie! I can't believe that he is only in the 40% for height and head. Sadee is... like... 96% for height and 60% for weight and head. Crazy how all babies are so different!! I'm sorry to hear that he has to see a ID specialist. He'll be just fine! That smile of his will get him through anything :) Love you guys! We'll be thinking of you often.

Ashleigh and Todd said...

He is so cute! He looks so big in the pic you are holding him in. Hope things go well with the tests!