Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome to the Jorgensen's

Welcome to our humble abode.

We have been in our home for almost a month now, we are thoroughly enjoying it.
We have already had some good times and memories made in our home.
We also have had our first vandalism, some silly person stole a hanging plant hanging right under our front porch light. Scum! We are very grateful for the opportunity of owning our own home, and for the Lords guiding help in letting us find it. 

Would you like a tour...OK, follow me.
*not all project our completed just yet*

This is our Master bedroom:
 Side note: Mike made our bed!!! Still to be completed: add night stands, tv,  and hang decor.
This is Trenton's room:
still to be completed: adding a book shelf, hanging frames.
This is the Kitchen/dinning room:
Still to be completed: take out cupboards and replace with white ones, new fridge and stove.
New table and rug, hang decor. Side note: Mike re-did the flooring here, it was laminate, now it is pergo.
This is the Living room:
Still to be completed: new entertainment center, finish hanging decor.
Not shown is our upstairs bath, the basement and the yard. 
There are two bedrooms, the laundry, a bathroom, a storage room,
 and the family room (aka Mike's man cave). 
The back yard has three flower beds, a shed, and a covered patio. 
The front yard consists of a large tree and a flower bed.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Come again!

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Stacie Couch said...

I can't wait to see it in person! You have been so busy decorating and making it homey, I love it! Your kitchen table is so cute, love the chairs!