Monday, June 4, 2012

Trenton's Blessing Day

We blessed Trenton yesterday, Sunday June 3, 2012. It was such a great day, and the spirit was so strong! Mike gave a beautiful blessing, full of amazing promises and wishes. We were able to be blessed with so many family and friends in attendance, and we are so grateful they came to support us. Thank you to all of those people who came, especially those who traveled to be with us!

After the meeting we went back to Mike and I's home for a luncheon, which was delicious if I do say so myself! We ate chicken salad sandwiches, rolls, several different kinds of salads, veggies, blueberry jello, sugar cookie bars, cupcakes, and brownies. Yum!

at the luncheon.
Jordan, McKell, Grandma Jex.
Aunt Janet and Uncle Kent
tyrel, granpa jex, gg jorgensen, whitney, gg oakey, aunt marcen, grandma jorgensen, grandpa jorgensen, tanner, gg jex, trenton.
Jorgensen four generations.
Brynnlee Walker
Oakey four generations.
Great Grandma Jex
jennifer, breann, madison, mitch, morgan, lindsey, tyrel, tanner, gg jorgensen, whitney, grandpa jex, gg oakey.
Jex four generations.

*For our records*
The Men in the circle: Mike, Doug, Lynn, Jordan, Bishop Weaver, Ben Lockie, Mitch Walker, Tyrel Ward, Shawn Fredrickson, Kent Wells.

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