Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 Months Old

We have hit the two month mark. We had our Dr. appointment this past Tuesday, Trenton was 
10.8 lbs(13th percentile)-22.25 inches long(17th percentile)-and in the 40th percentile for his head.
This boy is growing like a weed! Each day I look at him and think, 

He is such a good baby, for this we are both thankful! Trenton had his 2 month shots at our appointment, he was a champ for the most part. He only cried when she stuck the needles in, after that he did great. We have hit a growth spurt and it has effected his sleeping habits....he had been sleeping through the night for almost two weeks, right now it's a hit or a miss. Dang it! Oh well, we will get back on track.

I love listening to him "talk", he even screams with joy sometimes. It's adorable! He still has his baby blues but his hair has turned more of a light strawberry blonde. He loves to kick and stretch out, but loves to also be swaddled when he sleeps. We have hit some fun milestones now, he is sitting up more and more thanks to his bumbo chair, and he is starting to swat at his hanging toy! 
His personality is starting to really shine through and I can't wait until he can really play
 with us and have fun with us! 

We love this boy so much!!!!! And we are so thankful he is apart of our family!

crib evaluation.

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