Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where is the time going???

I can't believe that we are one day shy of 3 weeks old! It's been so fun, and such an adventure to have Trenton here in our lives and in our family! We love him so much, and that love continues to grow each and every day. Here are a few things that we can't get enough of with this baby.

Trenton loves to cuddle, and to sleep on his belly laying on your chest. We probably need to put him down more because he is starting to only want to sleep this way. He also loves food! When we give him his bottle he starts to gobble it down! He also wants to hold the bottle with one or two hands. He always wants to hold his head up, he is a lot stronger than he should be. He loves to have his hands right up by his head, always!!! He also loves to hold his binkie in by himself.

sleeping with daddy
 When we went in for his two week check up Trenton weighed in at 7lbs 10oz. They didn't tell me any more of his states or percentages.
in his big boy outfit and shoes(both newborns and way to big for him).
I am dieing that we are almost to one month old...where is my newborn going???
Trenton had his first long car ride yesterday, my mom and I and Morgan went down to Utah for a cousin's baby shower. He did awesome and slept 99% of the entire trip! We can't wait to see what new adventures are ahead of us!!!

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