Wednesday, March 28, 2012

bump update:

Things have been so crazy with this pregnancy lately. I feel like i'm always at an appointment or in the hospital or something. I have officially 35 weeks along. I'm seeing the dr. every week for my weekly exam and the hospital staff twice a week for my bi-weekly nst (non stress test). I'm exhausted all of the time, this week I have also managed to come down with a cold, which is not helping anything!

At this point, I crave sweets most of the time, ice water, basically I will eat anything that sounds good at this point. My belly is seriously large, and i'm not sure how much farther I can grow and still be able to breath. This baby likes to have one foot up in my ribs now and his head is far down. I'm having contractions, braxton hicks and the real deal! Painful!!!! I don't sleep well, or for long periods of time. I'm swelling in my feet, hands, legs, and face. I can't wear my wedding ring anymore due to the swelling, which makes me feel like people think i'm some unwed pregnant teen.

Sunday I had an NST, we went in thinking it was going to be a normal 30min to 1 hour test like it had been the past 2-3 times previous. 2 hours later we were still there. 3 hours we were still there. 4 hours we were still there. finally at 4.5 hours they discharged me. What happened??? well I started to contract, which I do every time, however I was contracting ever 5-7 mins regularly. They were painful to say the least. The nurse checked me to see if I was dilating or not, turns out I was a 1 but that my cervix was still tight. That was painful too!!! Dr. O ordered a shot in which would help my muscles relax and hopefully stop contracting, it worked but I would be someone to get the side effects, including rapid heart race! yuck! worse feeling in the world. He also ordered a UTI test to be done, which lucky me had to happen via catheter catch. I was thinking in my head, no big deal I had a cath done with Carter and I didn't feel a how in the world did I forget that I also had an epidural at that point!!! Seriously I was in tears, and shaking! Sunday night was miserable! We went home and I was ordered to stay sitting and relax. My body was in such pain, and I just felt out of control thanks to my heart rate. I was a good girl and did what I was told.

 Monday morning I woke up(it was spring break) and we headed for Dr. O's office. He did a regular appointment, including my Strep B test and sent me on my way. We left and with in minute I started to not feel good. I ended up with a massive cold; sinus junk, chills, body aches, fever, sore throat, ears backed up, stuffed up nose, etc. I laid on the couch the remainder of the day. Tuesday I felt better but by the end of the day was back down. I guess I had over did it through out the day. And that leads us to today. Dr. O wanted to see me again so this morning I went in, they did a pee test and a culture for the infection that Carter had. He also checked me again, I am a two but my cervix is still pretty closed, but babies head is pretty far down already. Dr. O said today that I will not be making it to May to have this baby. He stated that if we can get 1-3 more weeks he will be happy. After his appointment I headed for the hospital for an NST. Things went great there and they sent me home to rest. So here I am, resting!

It's hard to not be able to do anything, especially since we closed on our house on Friday and all I want to do is get it un-packed and ready to go. But I won't. I will be a good girl and sit and do as little as possible......wish me luck!!!! Sorry no pictures today...coming soon!

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Stacie Couch said...

What an action packed pregnancy you have had, and I am sure you are just wanting to relax! I am so happy you have made it to 35 weeks! These last few weeks can be rough but it is almost over and you will have that little baby in your arms soon!
I am bummed that I will miss baby boy's birth but I come home April 19th so I can come visit then :)
Love you! Good luck these next few weeks!!