Saturday, January 14, 2012

Projects for the Baby

Today this is one of the things that I got accomplished. I love these appliqued onesies!!!


Mindee and Austin said...

I LOVE these! So cute, great job!
...yet another reason I need to learn how to sew...sigh

Kristen said...

Hey Megan! I have thought of you lots! I have been out of the "Blogging scene" for quite awhile and thought for a time your blog went private. (I didn't have a pass :( ) But I was thinking of you tonight and decided I would try to see your blog again. Low and behold- here you are! It has been fun getting caught back up on all the Jorgensen adventures. Congratulations on your Pregnancy AND a boy! Hooray! I gain a lot of strength reading your posts- just want you to know. Even though our trials are all different, we learn from others trials too. Thanks for sharing (and continuing to share) your family and experiences. Best of luck to you and Mike! Can't wait to hear more! Have a good day!