Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Elder Jex

In Elder Jex's e-mail this week he stated a quote made by another elder in his mission and I love it,
so I thought I would share.

"Wisdom is being able to apply knowledge".

Jordan goes on to say, "Its a very simple phrase but I really enjoyed that! I think its so true. Most of the problems that we have in our lives as members of the church are that we go to church on Sundays, listen to the well prepared talks and classes, and then go home and forget about them. The wisdom we have to have comes from applying what we have learned. And that means being a little self-critical every once in awhile about what we can get better at! It involves setting ourselves goals and making plans to become more and more like Jesus Christ every day. The commandment that will be most asked when we arrive to the final judgement, will be what we did to try and become more like the Savior in our lives. The Lord doesn't care if we were Stake Presidents, Bishops, Elders Quorum presidents, Relief society presidents... What he wants to know is what we have done to fulfill our callings and to be more Christlike. Its easier to be saved for a person with the calling of passing out hymn books at sacrament meeting that completes his calling, than for a Bishop that gives half his heart in his calling. That's something I have reflected on and its true. Its something we have to remember throughout our whole lives!"

deep right? I thought so. It's not really something I think about often so I though it was great to have him talk to us about it and his thoughts. It's true though....we don't get very far only giving half the effort!

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