Monday, February 21, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

So here is a picture viewing post on our Vegas trip,

let's begin:

We left for Vegas on Thursday Feb 10,2011. We left out of the Twin Falls airport that evening, arriving in Vegas around 9:00pm Thursday night. We didn't do much that night, after getting out of the airport, getting our car, figuring out Vegas driving, arriving at the MGM Grand hotel where we stayed, checking in, and FINALLY making it to our room we all four were wiped out...ok 2/4 of us were. Can you guess which 2???

We went with our friends the Walkers, Mitch and Amy. They were a blast to go with and we had super a great time! We all stayed in the same room....good/funny times to save on coasts. We stayed at 'The Signature, at the MGM Grand', it's an addition of the MGM. It was very nice but darn those hidden fee' out!

Friday was Amy's 23rd Birthday, so we had to celebrate right? haha we went to the outlet malls in town and shopped a little. We ate lunch at the outlets and then ventured on over to the 'Gold and Silver, Pawn Shop'....yup like as in the T.V. show, where we waited in line...yes in line to get into the building. It was fun to be in someplace that millions of people see every week but at the same time it was disappointing, the 4 main characters on the show didn't even come out...and we were told 3/4 were there that day. Although Mitch did see Chumlee's profile through a back door. PROPS MITCH!

we also walked the strip, went and saw the MGM Lions,
went to M&M world, and saw a short 3-D movie.

Saturday we went and saw the Gardens at the Mirage,
saw the Blue Man Group perform, and
walked through various hotels to see what they had to offer.

And then on Sunday we went to the World Buffet...YUM and then flew home.

Mike and I had a BLAST this trip, we made so many
fun and great memories that we will never forget.
We wanted to Thank the Walkers for letting us bum with them!
We can't wait to do it again!!!!
Love you guys!!!


Stacie Couch said...

That trip does sound like such a fun time! I vote that your next trip is to Chicago though so I can come haha. Love you!

Eric and Lacie said...

Megan!!! While I was reading your blog I was watching Pawn Stars on TV and I was like OMG Megan was awesome!!! You lucky girl, sounds like you guys had fun!!! Come visit Utah soon, or better yet go to Chicago this summer to visit and we can all meet up!!!(I will be about 70 min. outside of there!!!)

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I meant to comment on this like ages ago...but since I get your blog posts in my email, I always forget to come on here and comment! (Lame excuses!). Anyway, I am so glad you guys had a fun time! Hopefully you got some good shopping in as well :)

Love you!