Sunday, February 6, 2011


dear baby c,

it's amazing to think that next week will be 6 months since you flew away to our Father in Heaven. life has been drastically different since you entered into your daddy's and my life.

a good different, a needed different.

but we miss you.

that is always going to be the case, but sometimes the pain is so real and then others it's not.

i hate feeling this way. i hate it when the pain is strong, and i hate it when i don't feel the awful heart wrenching pain. will that ever go away?

i think about what 'would have been' if life would have gone as 'planed'. you would be almost 4 months old. that's amazing to think about,

and sad because your not.

it's weird to think how different our lives would have been if life would have gone as we thought it should be parents, would we have been good ones?

i know our Father in Heaven had great plans for you, and that you had a bigger mission then this earth, i do believe that with all my heart. i just wish i could hold you, rock you, love you.


i hope your happy. i love you. always remember that.

love always,



Stacie Couch said...

Such a precious post! You really should make a book of all the Carter posts. I can't imagine how hard some days are for you. I KNOW you would have been good parents!! Don't doubt that :) Love you Megan!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Thinking about you megs. xoxo

Cami said...

You already are good parents. You and Mike are amazing and devoted parents, and you always will be. You were physically devoted while you could be, and you're still emotionally and spiritually devoted and always will be. You're still a mama, and Mike is still a dad. You didn't get to be with Carter for long (right now), but I really believe once a parent, always a parent. Thinking of you.

Braiden and Brittany Pickett said...

I still think about you guys and pray for you often!

Mindee & Austin said...

Megan this brought me to tears..I know without a doubt you two would have been the most amazing parents to Carter..there are no words to describe. Even though sometimes its so hard you can hardly bare it, I have faith that he is happy with our Hevenly Father, and Carter is watching you guys. Love you and im thinkin about you..

Kristy said...

You are always in my prayers!!!

indira said...

love you lady! you are a great mother!