Saturday, January 29, 2011

star vally

in pictures:

{the "men"}
{case n' lex}
{the scores....uh emmmm ya}
{love me some red shoes}
{the wild life fighting}
Mike and I always have so much fun when we venture to star vally.
we really enjoy the laid back-ness and slower pace of life, i don't think i would mind at all living there....other than there is no shopping.

we go to visit our friends the Tippettes family, mike and case were on the mish together and became great friends. we stayed at there beautiful new home{jealous!!!}, ate yummy food, saw lexies them! played with Paisley and Sadie{personal fav}, watched movies, played games, went bowling, walked around the one-in-all store named hastings, talked till we were blue in the face, stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, and just had a great time!

thanks friends for letting us come!


Lyner said...

I really do look at every single post, I just stink at commenting. Star Valley looks like a lot of fun. I think bowling is such a fun past time. Nice scores haha!

Greg and Brittany said...

Glad to see you are getting out there and having some fun! I'm actually back in Idaho and going through a lovely divorce, so if you ever want to do a dinner some time or something, we will get Katie and make a night of it. Hugs!