Friday, December 17, 2010

Seven Nativity Traditions:

Mary- reminds us that we need to fins a moment to ponder
the events of that sacred night in Bethlehem.
In that moment we celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth,
and the gift that Heaven gave.

Joseph- Represents the desires of our hearts.
He reminds us of the secret acts of Christmas kindness given with
sacrifice and love to the broken, the weary, the lost, or the lonely.

The Christ Child-Reminds us to offer a gift to the Lord this Christmas season:
A gift based on the true work of Christmas,
one that will allow us to focus on Christ all year long.

The Shepherd-
Symbolizes a testimony within, an inner conviction
that we have come to know Christ.
The shepherd is a reminder for us to come closer to the Lord,
now and with haste, and then to share our testimony with others.

The Wise Men
- Exemplify the journey each of us takes as we seek the Lord.
They remind us that as we draw closer to Him,
we will be led to continue our journey another way.

The Lamb-
Reminds us to prepare our hearts to recognize
the hand of the Lord in our life, and then, in that instant, to give thanks.

The Angel-
Embodies a heart that runneth
over with the good tidingsand great joy of the season.
The angel is a reminder that the anticipation
of good things to come should fill our hearts with warmth overflowing.

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