Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

In pictures.
We had a wonderful Christmas, full of food, family, and fun!
Christmas Eve we did the usual Jorgensen family dinner out at Mikes Aunt Kerry's house. Then all 12 of us, yes there are 12 in the Jorgensen family now, headed back to the house and had a big sleepover. It was great fun, we chatted till late....for us. Mike and I soaked it all in, it is so fun to be around everyone, including Andy, Melissa, Noah who got to come out for the Holidays.
After getting up at 5:30am...thank you Nate for your many bathroom sessions, just kidding!
we all got up for gifts about 6am, although we had to basically force Aleks up...funny kid!

here is us waiting to see if Santa came.....
Papa with his big gift this year.
Mike opening some of his presents that included:
an air/staple gun compressor, a Cardinals tied blanket, and a trip to Vegas baby!
Grandma opening the 'grandchildren necklace' from The Stockhoffs and Whitney...
and no she is not flipping me off, it just sorta looks that way.
Noah playing with his cars
playing with the gifts.
Melissa and grandma making traditional Jorgensen Christmas morning breakfast!


after breakfast Mike and I headed over to talk to Jordan and to open gifts at my parents house. then later that night my family, us, and gma j and gpa j went over to Jorgensen's for a delish dinner and a movie. It was such a great Christmas!!!! We were truly blessed this holiday session and are so thankful to all of our family members for all they do for us!

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