Monday, August 30, 2010

Thank You!

We just wanted to express our deepest thank yous to all those who have
called, text-ed, e-mailed, messaged, facebook-ed, brought food,
gone on walks, sent a card, sent flowers, gave gifts/money,
kept us in your prayers, and thought of us during your days.

You will never know how much you have affected our lives. We are grateful to have so many wonderful family and friends around us, far and near, to lift us up during such a dark and difficult time. Everything that has been done for us has brightened our days and lifted our spirits.

Words will never be able to express what we feel inside, but just know that because of you and our Savior Jesus Christ we are healing. We will never be able to repay you for what you have done for us, but thank you! Even the littlest things have meant so much. Thank You to those who have continued to keep us in your thoughts and prays and who have continued to check on us,
some days that's all we have to get through.

We have a strong testimony that the Lord is watching over us and will help us get through this, but it's so wonderful to have such a great support system around us to physically help us through this time. We are so grateful!

So to everyone of you and many more,
Thank You.


Stacie Couch said...

We love you Megan and Mike! You deserve every well-wisher and prayer on your behalf! You will still be in my prayers for days to come :)
P.S. Love all the flowers! I bet your mom's house smells pretty!

Megann said...

Thanks for inviting me to your blog. It is strengthening to me to read your testimony and words of faith and love.
I'm reminded of the hymn "Each Life That Touches Ours For Good" many lives have been touched through your experiences. Thank you for writing about them and sharing them with us.