Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Days 7 & 8

Update Days: 7 & 8

Aug 9, 2010-Yesterday was a great day!!!! Carter is doing amazing! So many good things happened today! The biggest news of all is that Carter was taken off his oxygen completely!!! He is now 100% breathing on his own. We are so proud of all the progress he is making! He is doing so well and we hope he continues to do so! They got the ECO report back and the PDA has completely closed, everything with his heart is fine and functioning perfectly!!!! He gained 1/3 of an ounce which puts him at a high 1 pound 15 oz, almost 16oz. In grams he is 770. He is pooping and peeing really well which means that all of his bowels and everything is working normal. I am in love every time I get to hold him and this little boy has me (and the grandma's) wrapped around his teeny tiny finger!!!

Funny story: While I was changing his poopy diaper last night, I was wiping his bum off when Mike asked me what was wet on his tummy, I moved his legs down and we quickly noticed he had peed, and was still peeing...all over himself! To make matters worse Mike and I were laughing so hard and all I could do was sit and laugh and watch him while all his pee was coming out all over him!!!! Guess mom wasn't quick enough, good thing he isn't strong enough to spray it yet!!! It was the funniest thing I've seen for quite a while! Needless to say I had to change his bum and wipe him again!

He also was grinning up a big storm last night while I was holding him. My mom was there with me and she was dieing it was so cute! My dad informed me that he probably had gas that's why he was smiling, but who cares??!!! He was smiling and it was the cutest thing I've seriously ever seen!!! I wish we were quick enough with the pictures, but we did manage to capture this beauty!!!
I love it!!!!

Aug 10, 2010-Today has been a day. First off, Carter is 1 week old today!! It's crazy to think that last week he was just being born and all the things that have happened with-in this past week. It's been a crazy fast week but also at the same time it feels like time stop-ed, that we where kinda in a bubble. It's crazy how our lives changed in a matter of minutes last week, all for the better of course! Carter is doing great!!! He is so cute and gets cuter every day!

It's so fun to see his face and all the little face's he makes!

I went to 'rounds' at the hospital this morning, (rounds are where the NICU Dr's, the pharmacist, the nutritionist, the head nurse, and a therapist all get together and go over every detail of your baby one at a time, and parents are invited to join and ask questions.) in my round this morning the Dr. informed me that things are going so well with Carter. He told me that Carter is a few levels a head of where he should be for being only 29 weeks old! They are very impressed by him, he truly is a miracle baby!!! He didn't gain any weight but the nurse said that is just fine, they said that we are still making progress, he didn't lose any weight and there-for is doing well. They said that when a baby Plato's it's OK, because all it would take for a baby this size is a large poop and to pee a few times and he could lose weight, so being on a Plato is just great!
So he is still at 1lbs 15oz.

Carter did stop breathing twice last night and multiple times today to where he had to be stimulated to remind him to take a breath-they said he gets to comfortable and forgets that he has to breath, in this aspect they said he is acting like a normal 29 week old. We were told not to worry, most of the time he can get himself out of it and that he is still learning and that it may just take a little while for him to fully understand that breathing has to be done everyday all day. All we can do now is pray that his little body learns quickly this concept!!! because he is giving mom a heart attack!!! After watching him stop breathing a few times today and seeing his little body just lay there, and one time start going blue my whole family decided to enroll in a preemie/infant/baby CPR class!!! I may be old and grey by the time I get this baby home with me!!!! Come on Carter, help your momma out please!!! in better news, they did the ultrasound of his head today to check for internal bleeding and everything looks great. There is no bleeding in his brain. They will check at least 1-2 more times before we take him home, but no one is worried-they say he is acting completely normal and to not worry! I'm so happy about this new! One less thing to stress about!

Over all, things are progressing very well. We are so happy with how things are going and continue to pray for him day and night! Thanks to all of you for your support, love, strength, and prayers on our/his behalf!!! There really are no words to say and no way to explain just how much we appreciate everything!!!!


McKenzie said...

Way to go little Carter! I just can't even believe how teeny tiny he is! I am so glad he is being so strong!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Great update...We are so happy he is doing well! You guys are always in our prayers and thoughts.

Love you (and I LOVE the pics :)

MoDLin said...

I've been reading for a while but had to say today that I absolutely LOVE the picure of Carter smiling!!! All his news is fantastic and I'm sure music to your ears. I look forward to more good updates.