Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finding Peace in Our Lives.

We all have challenges and trails in our lives.
We face them head on, and we come out strong.
We become better people because of the trials we go through.
It's part of life and it's part of the reason we are on this earth.

I struggled with wondering if I should talk about this,
what a deep and personal subject it can be.
After some thought and after I found this talk HERE I felt others needed to hear and read this talk given by President Thomas S. Monson.

Lately Mike and I have had some trials in our lives, not with our relationship but with jobs, self esteem, school, life, things like that. It feels like that's all that we have dealt with the past little while, and that it's time it rained on someone elses parade. We are still going through trails, and probably will the rest of our lives, but we are coming out stronger and closer as a couple. It is only because of our religion that we both feel we can do this, and that we have done this.

In the talk President Monson states, "In the world today we face difficulties and challenges, some of which can seem truly daunting. However, with God on our side we cannot fail".

How amazing is that to know...we can not fail!
With God on our side we can not fail.

He also states, "This is not a time for fear, brethren, but rather a time for faith"

Through prayer and through faith I know, and we know we are going to be ok. these things we deal with are little compared to what so many people in this world go through, and we should be thankful for the trails we have. I know that may sound a little crazy, be thankful for trials?? what? but honestly, the grass is NOT greener anywhere but where you are! I would not trade out our trails we face for the trials anybody else faces for a million dollars.

Through all of this, we have experienced peace! What a great feeling to have. PEACE.

I've actually really learned from all of this, who am I to judge somebody else?
I don't know what they deal with.
I don't know where they come from, and where they live.
so I am thankful, thankful for the little trials we face at these current times in our lives.

There you have it, my soul-or at least some of it for the moment.
I hope you all are having a wondering weekend.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Definitely something to think about right? Thanks for sharing Megs, I definitely needed to hear that. lOve you guys!

Stacie Couch said...

Thanks for the spiritual uplift! I will be posting one similar to it in the next few days. We have Elder Ballard and Elder Oaks in town this weekend at our Stake Conference and I am learning alot! It is a good thing we have friends to help us through our trials :) I will always be there for you if you need it! Love you!

Tricia said...

Very well said!