Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{To my Hubs}

My 'secret' hint...
oh how I hope the hubby read this before it's to late... and gone!

lately I've been obsessed with this saying..."keep calm and carry on" I mean, what more needs to be said??? that's all I ever need to remember...KEEP CALM!!!

I love! this gem is made by:asilomarworks's
the best place ever for homemade things....I came across this beauty the other day....REALLY want it!!! hopefully the hubby will get it for me for Valentines??? humm....ok I know I shouldn't expect anything nor ask for anything....but um if there was one thing I could ask for this pretty would be it! haha I guess we shall see. love you babe.

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Darci said...

Cute! I love etsy. The best place for the cutest things!