Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things worth mentioning:

This is my dream! my wish! my want! I am coveting this camera...have been for almost a year now! I want it soooo bad!!! but alas, it is still on the wants list, and doesn't have a place in the budget yet...someday little guy, you will be mine!!! Made this today, glass's addicting!
{don't mind the ugly picture and water spots on the dish}
and lastly: I made this about a week and a half it in the mail today!!!
oooh it makes me want to go back...BAD!!
it's our Hawaii book...thank you shutterfly!
all in all, besides having ANOTHER lovely sinus infection{7th one this year} this day has gone dandy!...I only wish it was Friday at 12:00!!!

ps: anyone know anything you can do to stop having sinus infections, how you get them, and if there is any way to get ride of them with out antibiotics???

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_kArLy[*] said...

that is a really nice camera!! i LOVE it, we had that one at school! :]] For christmas, i got a sony cybershot a330, google it! i love it. i need to take some more pictures for my portfolio, so maybe one weekend soon i can take some of you and mike for fun!! let me know! your blog is so cute! i love it! :]