Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am THANKFUL for:

This week I am thankful for:
my brother; Elder Jex.
Jordan is serving a full time mission as an Elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is serving in Santiago Chile. He has been a missionary since July 2009 and has been in Chile since September. He has SO many amazing and scary stories to tell's insane and a blessing to know that the Lord is taking care of him.
Jordan is one of a handful of "white people" living in the town he is in{in Chile there are towns with-in city's...confusing!} he often gets smacked across the face, spit at, had rocks thrown at him and much more because he is of a different race and the people either hate Americans or love them. Some of the people do love him as he has been asked to take as a wife a hand full of YOUNG girls because he is a blond haired, blue eyed, white man and to them he is a dream for there daughters...seriously it's like the movie ' The Other Side of Heaven'.
Jordan has learned a lot has been told multiple times[by teachers, members, and elders] that his Spanish is amazing...he truly has been blessed with the gift of tongues....although he does make plenty of mistakes, as he asked a lady by mistake the other day if the elders could help her give her young child[a girl] a which the mother smacked him and got up set. Hey I would have too! haha
while serving Jordan has also been diagnosed with TMJ. This is a jaw problem where your jaw could either 'lock' on you or you clench/grind your teeth. It's normally not a major problem and can be calmed with a night guard. Jordan has a SEVER case of TMJ and the DR. have been talking about doing surgery. The surgery is very invasive and complicated. We have prayed and fasted about what to do, as a dental assistant I'm against the surgery because it's a short term fix. For now we have all[including the Dr.'s here and there] decided that surgery is not the way to go. We pray that the pain will go away or at least calm down so that he may be able to help the people of Chile in every way possible. Jordan is very grateful for the Lords healing powers that he has been blessed with and is very optimistic about the outcome, we are as well.
I know that Elder Jex is an amazing missionary and will do everything possible to help anyone in need, as well as accomplish the work of the Lord with all of his might.
We are going to miss Jord this thanksgiving and Christmas season but look forward to talking to him on Christmas!
We all love you Jord and wish the best for you.
Your in our prayers!
{remember who you are and the name in which you bear}

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Stacie Couch said...

I remember hearing Brandon's stories from Costa Rica and they were always intense too. That is awful about his jaw! Oww! The Lord takes care of his missionaries though :) the first christmas is always hard for everyone. I remember Brandon and all of us just crying on the phone, but we were trying to keep it a secret that we had bought a cabin and snow machines while he was gone haha. Love you!