Saturday, October 17, 2009


what to say about this vacation other than it was AMAZING!!!!
we had the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my work for a dental convention. we where very luck and it turned out to be not to expensive[i have an amazing boss!!!]
we went for a week, and stayed at the outrigger on the beach, wikiki beach that is!
we got to do so many things while we where there...dole plantation, PCC, Pearle harbor, flea market, the beach, hunama bay, minona falls hike, the temple, and so much more!!! it was a blast!! it was mikes first time on a beach, other than cali, and he never got out of the water! it was so funny! i wish i could tell all my memorise and story's, but there are so many!

here are a few a the many! pictures that we took. for some of the rest, check out my facebook page.

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Greg and Brittany said...

Still super jealous! Even more now because it was for work! Sweet!