Thursday, September 10, 2009


that's.....EASTERN IDAHO STATE FAIR!!! for those of you who didn't know.

Mike & I went to the state fair this past Tuesday. We LOVE the fair, it's basically one of our favorite fall activities and we look forward to it every year. this was mikes first year back to the fair after the mission, and my first time back since 06, because last year at this time i was on a cruise waiting for mike to come home!

we looked at EVERYTHING...haha except the pigs and chickens, the chickens only because we didn't find them, and the pigs because gross! haha it was so fun being with mike walking around, mainly in the horses....for those of you who don't know mike adores horses, he dreams of owning one [or two] some day. and i would totally be ok with that. we kinda like that country farm/ranch style with a clean and classic twist style. haha maybe one day.

anyways back to the story, i would bet $100.00 that he touched every single horse in those barns! haha it was so fun and cute to watch him talk to them and tell them that they where pretty! tender heart!

and don't forget while we saw everything, we also ate EVERYTHING! haha i LOVE fair's so good[not low cal or carb though]. we ate dutch oven, tigers ears, curly fries, fresh lemonade, 2 pops, sliced carmel apples, and cinn. almonds! haha oh dear that's a lot! haha don't worry, we don't eat that every day nor every week...

i'm a little embarrassed to say that for as much as we love the fair we only took 3 photos, and they weren't even of anything we did...haha it was kinda just trying to play around with the camera and the carnival lights. please ignore the bad photos a head.

i hope you all got to go the the EISF, and that you ate to much too and had a blast!


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

haha Those are great pics! It doesn't matter though, the fair isn't really an experience you can capture on have to live it!

Greg and Brittany said...

I love the fair too! The one here just isn't the same as the good old Blackfoot one!