Thursday, September 10, 2009

The CuttleBug...

The new toy! it's a die cut and embossing machine, it's so fun to play with and a lot of fun to use and create with.

these are my "in the making creations" so far. i'm reading and learning how to do different things and how to make different types of things.

Thanksgiving and Halloween...
Thank You

Birthday Cards


Birthday Card for my father-in-law

anyone know anything about card making and want to share some tips and tricks????

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Greg and Brittany said...

The machine can do some cute things! I am the worst at cards, but I love doing scrapbook pages. My sister-in-law does amazing work! She is in card magazines all the time. The link to her blog is on mine - it's "My Creative Treasury" She gets ideas from others and puts her own twist on it. That was her best advice to me!