Sunday, August 2, 2009


first off....July 15th was my 21st birthday!!!! it was a great day.
here is a break-down of the day.
mike and i had the day off because we where going to take Jordan down to the MTC, but we ended up not going, so we slept in...then mike gave me his gifts, which included a professional hair straightener, and a pair of MEK jeans that I've been eyeing! both where a great gift and i was so excited! then we got dressed and went on a 4-wheel ride up in Taylor Mountain and had a picnic lunch made by mike. after that we got ready for the day and we headed for the movie theater to watch Transformers 2, which I've been dieing to see and loved! the movie ended at about 6:30ish, we walked out of Edwards and mike says to me, "i need to run a quick errand for my dad"[we where both starving by this point because we had not eaten since before noon] so i said OK but lets hurry. so we headed for Lows. after we had gotten what we needed mike says "um lets go look at fridges", so we did. then he says " let's go look at door handles" and so on and so forth.....once we finally made it out of the store he says " i need to run these to my parents house" so we went and did that as well, when we pulled up to Jorgensen's house i thought he would just run them in but he tells me that he needs to go paints them. i was starting to get bugged big time by this point because i was sooo hungry!! so he gives me some strawberry's that where sitting on the counter and i was happy for a minute. he gets done with that and we get back into the car and he says to me " i lied to you, i made dinner reservations but they aren't till 8:00[it was only 7:15], so let's go home for just a few minutes and then we will come back out". i just was like whatever at this point! so we drove home....and when we pulled into the drive-way i noticed that my family was there[they had lied to me and told me that they where not coming home until Thursday] and jorgensens where there as well. surprise party???? correct! all my friends and family and co-workers where there to wish me a happy day!
and it was an amazing day!
i have a GREAT hubby! thanks babe!!!! i love you! and thanks for everyone who helped make my day!

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