Thursday, August 27, 2009

1 Kid..2 Kids..3Kids..more....

This past weekend Mike and I had the opportunity to babysit for The Robison family in my old home ward.
We where there from Friday early morning till late afternoon Monday. The kids are all very good and VERY smart. They are only allowed 1 hour 'screen' time[videos, video games, computer], and there is no TV in there home. oh and did i forget to mention that there are 6 of them!?! yeah you read that right, 6 children...and there ages rang from 14-2. 4boys and 2girls.
the 4 year old little boy, is having some problems. last march he started having some personality changes...test where done, and are still going but what they think is happened/happening is that he is having secures inside. yeah so needless to say he can be a handful. His name is Bryce, he is such a cute, smart, and sneaky little boy. they have these really neat locks on the top of there doors because he likes to run a-way....yeah fun huh?! haha really it was though. i mean it was a TON of work. and i think it goes without saying that Mike and I decided that we will never be having 6 children....but i also think that having them one at a time is the key to a big family! haha because going from 0 children to 6 overnight was a big change.
AND on top of everything, i got sick while we where there. i went to the Dr. first thing when the mom and dad got home monday only to find that i have partial bronchitis and a partial sinus infection. and some weird thing with my throat that if it doesn't clear up by the time i'm off of the antibiotics i need to see an ENT to have to more closely looked at....and just as i was leaving the DR. felt that he needed to warn me that it could possibly be i don't think it is but i guess we shall wait and find out.
so over-all....
the weekend was a great thing for Mike and I. i got to see first hand[well without being one] what being a parent with Michael would be like, and what being a 'stay at home mom' would be like down the road...he is going to be an amazing dad and i can't wait, and i'm in for a LOT of work[which i can wait for heehee]!!! haha as i suppose all women are right?!

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Tricia said...

Wow, that's a lot of work. I took the easy road, and opted for only 2kids! I'm smart huh? I hope you get feeling better soon.