Tuesday, July 7, 2009


at the end of June, Mike and I had the pleasure of going to Lava Hot Springs with some of my girlfriends. we camped out over night and had a lot of fun and played in the water A LOT and ate tons of s'mores. it was so fun. laura and bry shared the tent with us and boy was that the funnest night i've had! and the conversations that we all [including the boys]had i serisouly thought i was going to pee my pants!!!! well here are a few pictures of us eating that night, hopefully i can get the rest from my friend soon.

Mike and I, and my nasty sunburnt face

Laura and Bryan Rovig

Stacie and Robert Couch

we missed having Amy and Mitch, and Coya and John there, hopefully you guys can come next year!!

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Tricia said...

It's so fun to have other young married couples to hang out with. Those are the kinds of memories you will treasure forever.