Saturday, May 30, 2009

happenings of recent.

ok so lots has happened lately, and we have been super busy...hence why we haven't posted since mothers day.

first:i cute my hair.....yup you read that right! i took the plunge and decided to chop it off!!! i love it! it is so easy to do in the mornings and it actually makes me want to get ready everyday! haha



second: mike has made a fire pit in the backyard and we have had some s'more cook outs and it's so fun!! mike and i looove fire pits, it reminds us of camping....and i'm kind of a big s'more junky! haha ask any of my fam! i make them a lot....even in the winter over the stove! haha


Brittany said...

love love love you hair!!!!!

Tricia said...

SOOOO cute and fun! We have a little firepit in our backyard too, and I love it. You'll have lots of fun with it over the summer.